Disclaimers and Other Background Info


This is the new blog dedicated to chronicling the creative processes behind the upcoming (as-of-yet-untitled) documentary film about Randy Now and the club he spent many years running and promoting: City Gardens.

A little history: City Gardens was a (primarily) Punk club located in Trenton New Jersey that opened in 1980 and saw many, many legendary acts come through during its existence. For many of us who attended shows regularly, City Gardens held an almost-magical sway over us. Good friends, good music, adventures and history brought us all together and forged a bond that unites all of us in some small way.

Since the end of the Randy Now era in 1994, many people have wondered what the story behind City Gardens was. We here hope to present that story and do it justice.


Steve Tozzi: The director.

Ken Salerno: The eye, the historian, the guru.

Amy Yates Wuelfing: The producer and the one who got the ball rolling.

Steven DiLodovico: a producer.


This blog will be one person’s accounts of the making of this film. Do not look for juicy bits of gossip, or for secret info about the film while it’s in progress. This is simply an impressionistic account of the amazing people I’ve personally encountered while working on this project. This also means that the opinions, viewpoints, etc. expressed in this blog are solely my own and do not represent the opinions of anyone else involved in this project.

Also, if you are looking for technical information about the process; if, for example, you are looking to find out what kind of camera Mr. Salerno uses, or the mics and lenses used while filming, you are in the wrong place! I don’t know shit about all that and wouldn’t even begin to pretend to. I’m a writer, dammit!

Anyway, feel free to post comments or to contact me or any of that good stuff.

Thanks for reading.

Steven DiLodovico


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